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Real-World Results

A sampling of success stories from Soar Higher Coaching clients.


Productivity Increased By 52%

Manufacturing Laser CuttersTHE CHALLENGE
  • Window company was initially successful and grew quickly, but hit a ceiling
  • Was stuck and not able to scale to next level
  • Struggling to keep up with product orders and daily activities
  • Did not have the knowledge, skills, or experience to overcome the challenges
  • Conducted a business assessment and identified root problems
  • Restructured the organization to support a broader vision of the future
  • Developed a streamlined and customer-centric business model
  • Provided intense leadership development and high-performance operations training to management staff
  • Took managed chaos to smooth running organization
  • Increased productivity 52%
  • Boosted annual revenues from $5M to $8M
Advisor to Political Leaders
Case Study Political Leaders

Keeping Leaders On Track

The Challenge
  • Leaders are only as successful as the people they surround themselves with. Served as an advisor to national level leaders, foreign dignitaries, mayors, and elected civic leaders
  • Executive government leaders are extremely busy dealing with broad spectrum of challenges and issues
  • They require trusted experts (in their inner circle) to keep them organized, focused, informed, prepared, and on schedule
  • They need advisors that “get them,” think on their level, can have open/honest dialogue on sensitive matters, challenge them, keep them connected to constituents, and help them make the best decisions possible
The Solution
  • Confidential advisor to over 35 different elected and appointed officials at every level of government
  • Conducted research/briefed leaders on solutions to a myriad of complicated problems around the globe
  • Coordinated with senior staff, oversaw multitude of diverse projects, and ensured efforts were accomplished
  • Brokered a variety of contract negotiations and public-private partnerships on infrastructure, innovation, modernization, and commerce
The Result
  • Kept leaders on track with strategic agendas while maintaining a positive public image
  • Improved government-community relations, equality, operational efficiencies, and transparency   
  • Provided safety/security of citizens, boosted economic development in numerous regions of the world, created employment opportunities, and helped communities thrive into the future
Business Intelligence
Case Study Business Intelligence

$11.2M Revenue Exceeded Goals, Owner Retired On Schedule

The Challenge
  • Successful software and data management company reached $4M in annual revenue, but was stuck
  • Owner knew the company could achieve more, but did not know how to take it to the next level
  • Goal was to scale the company to $10M over a 3-year period and for the owner to transition the company to another leader and retire
  • Company had developed a new data analytics tool and wanted to take it to market as a subscription-based service
The Solution
  • Assessed the company’s operations and overall performance and created a baseline to work from
  • Developed a custom growth plan that included accelerating current products/services, as well as the new digital offering
  • Transitioned the focus to new target markets, increased prices, and started selling to larger organizations
  • Coached/trained leaders on various aspects of business, leadership, and scaling a company
The Result
  • Leaders overcame their fears/constraints and achieved a higher level of confidence about the future
  • Company exceeded the goals and earned an impressive $11.2M in total revenue
  • Succession plan was executed flawlessly, owner retired on schedule, and new leaders are running the business with laser precision
Logistics and Transportation

31% Revenue Growth

Logistics and Transportation Blue Silouette ImageTHE CHALLENGE
  • Global logistics company executive assumed new leadership role overseeing a new Division
  • Responsible for creating the company’s first ever air operations services
  • Multi-year, highly visible effort that could not fail
  • High-pressure situation that required strong leadership to manage complex team of professionals, vendors, contractors, and industry experts across all functional disciplines in/outside of the company
  • Served as personal advisor for executive team, minimized risk, and ensured best decision making in fast moving environment
  • Identified the requirements and created a phased strategic plan with aggressive goals/milestones
  • Built a diverse group of top performers and contracted partners and trained them to operate as one team
  • Structured sub-level project action plans and implemented a winning cadence of executing the daily work, tracking key performance indicators, and making iterative adjustments to keep unified efforts on track
  • Multi-billion-dollar initiative completed on time and $8M under budget
  • Operations center brought online, certified to operate, and filling orders 30 days after project completion
  • Allowed the company to serve new markets faster and more efficiently … grew revenue 31%  
Bridal Retail Store Sold
Case Study Bridal Shop

12% Increase In Business Value Prior To Sale

The Challenge
  • Thriving, small bridal business had exceeded the owner’s expectations of success
  • Business had grown beyond the owner’s ability to meet consumer demands
  • Large franchise company was interested in acquiring the business
  • Owner had never sold a business and wanted to maximize the return on investment
The Solution
  • Created a business exit strategy
  • Provided a review of company’s finances, sales, customer base, market penetration, projections, overall performance, and implemented necessary improvements to achieve highest selling price possible
  • Conducted a business valuation and determined how much to sell the company for
  • Hired a broker to complete the transaction and close the deal
The Result
  • Increased the value of the business by 12% prior to the sell
  • Process was easy, fast, and simple for the owner with minimal negotiations
  • Business sold in 2 months to an ideal buyer for a price significantly higher than originally thought
City Government
Case Study City Government

Public Service Performance Improves By 36%

The Challenge
  • New Mayor was elected, and new administration was hired to run a large city
  • Administration inherited a less than desirable situation due to the impacts of an economic downturn
  • Strategic vision for the city existed, but lacked departmental level clarity, plans, priorities, and resources
  • Teams were stuck in their ways and needed new/innovative approaches to overcome the challenges
The Solution
  • Assessed the maturity and performance levels of organization
  • Held leadership offsites, team strategy execution workshops, public forums, and training events
  • Implemented new integrated plans and priorities, created accountability and transparency with teams, and mentored staff through the change management process
  • Instituted new programs, policies, and procedures benchmarked from BEST practices
The Result
  • City rebounded, grew, and flourished
  • Recognized with numerous awards for innovation and civic engagement
  • City government worked better as a synergetic organization and improved the performance of public services by 36%
Cleaning Company

Company Turned Around, Back In Black In 4 Months

Three People cleaning a room with sponges and mopTHE CHALLENGE
  • Small sized company was losing money and about to go out of business
  • Owner lacked business acumen, experience, and qualifications
  • No targeted marketing and sales plan
  • Classic “working in the business, not on it” situation
  • Developed hyper focused marketing strategy (specific prospects, channels, and tactics)
  • Implemented new streamlined sales model for faster conversions
  • Enhanced the service delivery for increased customer satisfaction and repeat & referral business
  • Turned the company around and in the black in 4 months
  • Repositioned the owner from “doing everything” to leading the organization, making sure things get done on time, and customers are happy
  • Company’s reputation improved, started receiving 5-Star Reviews, and is positioned as one of the cleaning industry leaders in their city
Case Study Insurance

Top Insurance Agency In Region Within 2 Years

The Challenge
  • Successful company CEO was retiring
  • No succession plan in place
  • Next CEO was not prepared to take over
  • Leadership controlled too many things and was overwhelmed by the transition process
The Solution
  • Conducted a business assessment and gained clarity on across the company
  • Created a succession plan for the leadership change and implementation of a new business model
  • Served as trusted advisor to the incoming CEO, taught leadership skills, built confidence, and helped make key decisions
  • Reassigned certain responsibilities from outbound CEO to other appropriate staff members
The Result
  • Executed the succession plan on schedule with no issues
  • New CEO hit the ground running and improved agency performance 14%
  • Company grew and became the top insurance agency in the region within 2 years
Food & Beverage
Case Study Food Beverage

Productivity & Camaraderie Soars

The Challenge
  • Large international company reorganized to meet growing market demands
  • Leadership transitioned, hired new leaders for certain positions
  • Company was in disarray with high levels of frustration across the organization
  • Disconnects between company HQs and other offices around the world
The Solution
  • Assessed the company’s performance in all business lines and conducted 360-degree employee surveys
  • Identified “root level” issues driving low performance and high stress
  • Created departmental “get well” plans in concert with company vision
  • Coached/trained leaders to motivate & empower multi-cultural teams to work together and be their best and held everyone accountable until objectives were met
The Result
  • Turned the company around in 4 months
  • Restored confidence/trust of staff with better communications and transparency
  • Productivity and camaraderie soared … started achieving goals by Q2 post reorganization
Healthcare Merger & Acquisition

Transition Completed With Minimal Disruption 2 Months Early

Nurse writing on paper with scope on tableTHE CHALLENGE
  • Two large, but different, healthcare companies were merging into one
  • Company leaders had little experience in M&As
  • Lack of an integrated business transition plan
  • Employees were on edge, fearful of unknowns, and lacked clear communications
  • Created departmental transition plans, goals, and roadmap for achieving the national vision
  • Developed organizational charts, new roles/responsibilities, and methods of communication
  • Determined which enterprise systems, processes, and procedures would be used by employees
  • Conducted change management and team building workshops
  • Transition completed with minimal disruption to operations 2-months early
  • Employees fears subsided, everyone got on same page, and teams became efficient
  • Company achieved desired market position as a comprehensive health provider and was able to offer a “one-stop-shop” for consumers health needs
Corporate Executive - Consumer Goods
Case Study Corporate Executive

48% International Growth

The Challenge
  • Senior leader in multi-national company being groomed for a higher-level role
  • Been in company 20+ years, was very successful, but needed “leveled up” and executive polishing
  • Taking on new responsibilities with minimal experience in three functional areas
  • Required to reorganize quickly and integrate multiple teams that never worked together
The Solution
  • Administered two leadership assessments to understand the current capabilities
  • Served as a confidential/trusted advisor and develop a departmental game plan
  • Taught a series of executive leadership, strategy, and organizational excellence trainings
  • Executed reorganization plan, coached staff through team dynamics, and set a new departmental cadence where all team members were working seamlessly in achieving objectives
The Result
  • Exceeded CEO’s expectations and received top ratings on annual appraisal
  • Became an outstanding executive leader … one of the most respected in the company
  • Efforts were instrumental in overall success and 48% growth internationally
Senior Care
Case Study for Senior Care

30% Company Growth In 3 Years

The Challenge
  • Sales had decreased over a 3-year period
  • Experienced “more than normal” staff turnover
  • Failed to meet compliance standards in certain business areas
  • Low morale and energy across the organization
The Solution
  • Evaluated strategic aspects of the organization (marketing, sales, strategy, goals, leadership)
  • Replaced marketing/sales functions that were not working with effective targeted activities
  • Conducted leadership, communications, and teamwork coaching/training for staff
  • Implemented inclusive/collaborative culture and recognition program to showcase employees’ valuable contributions
The Result
  • Company grew over 30% in 12 months
  • Employees started functioning as a synergetic team and passed inspections with flying colors
  • Morale increased … turnover decreased
COVID-19 Response Across Business Sectors

Every company stayed in business and on average increased revenues by 16%   

  • COVID-19 had a significant impact on every business (small, medium, and large) in every industry
  • Companies were caught off guard, were unprepared, and most didn’t have a contingency plan
  • Fear of the unknown set in and many business leaders had lost confidence in decision making. Some did nothing, some blindly tried a few things that did not work, and others decided to “wait it out”
  • Met with all my clients, as well as other friends, colleagues, and business leaders in my network
  • Kept leaders calm, focused on can-do attitude, problem solving, opportunistic mindset, and reassured employees by being open, honest, transparent, and including them in a new action plan
  • Analyzed every area of the companies (budget, sales, marketing, performance, plans, etc), reviewed strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and led leaders and staff through the change process
  • Developed an agile business strategy centered around being nimble in how products and services could be delivered, targeting new markets, better adapting to existing client’s needs, and providing new/personalized consumer experiences
  • Gave business leaders hope and confidence by creating a new “art of the possible,” overcoming adversity, and winning
  • Organizations were “leaned” out by cutting non-critical expenses, reducing inventories, streamlining processes, becoming more efficient, and are now able to quickly and proactively respond to any type of market disruption  
  • Every company stayed in business and on average increased revenues by 16%   
Marketing Franchisee
Results Marketing Franchisee

90% of Sales Opportunities Now Closing

The Challenge
  • Owner of a marketing franchise was going into the second year of business, was frustrated, missing sales opportunities, and not achieving desired goals
  • Had never been an entrepreneur, business owner, or held a leadership position before
  • While receiving a basic level of training from the franchise corporate office, she lacked business acumen in certain areas of business and was not comfortable selling
  • Was stuck in doing things “her way” mode and felt defeated at times by not being able to grow
The Solution
  • Determined & resolved the root issues of low confidence/self-esteem and not believing she could truly reach her potential … provided new perspectives and pathways to success
  • Administered DISC personality assessment and taught vital interpersonal skills needed to effectively communicate with all types of people and build lasting relationships, partnerships, etc
  • Provided intense sales and negotiation training
  • Reviewed her chaotic schedule, provided priority & time management courses, and restructured her weekly agenda to a laser focused plan with very specific goals
The Result
  • Owner’s confidence is at highest level ever and is achieving more than she thought was possible
  • Now converting 90% of sales opportunities and created multiple referral partnerships that brought in 31% of new clients
  • Company grew an astonishing 117% and was named “Top Franchisee of Year”   

Revenue Tripled in First Quarter

The Challenge
  • Due to an economic downturn, the organization faced a 250% increase of people in need
  • Demand exhausted the food pantry, clothing racks, and financial resources
  • Governing board was disengaged and not adding value
  • Employees were overwhelmed, confused, and needed guidance and motivation
The Solution
  • Restructured the board and replaced inactive members with new leaders
  • Developed a proactive marketing/sales plan to generate more revenue and community alliances, as well as built an army of volunteers to better support the overall organization
  • Transitioned business model from random donor giving to predictable monthly recurring revenue
  • Instituted weekly operational cadence to get board members, staff, and volunteers all on the same page
The Result
  • Tripled revenue in first quarter of implementing new business model
  • Now operating in a lean, efficient, and nimble manner with the capacity to help more people
  • Non-profit was recognized with a community award for excellence  
Corporate to Entreprenuer Transition

$250,000 in revenue achieved in first year, doubled in second year

Corporate to Entreprenuer TransitionTHE CHALLENGE
  • Executive had spent over 25 years in the corporate sector and wanted a change
  • Tired of the typical bureaucracy, red tape, and “daily grind” of a large corporation
  • Had the right thoughts, knowledge, and business acumen, but didn’t know to how to transition into being a small business owner
  • While motivated to leave his corporate position, he was nervous about starting something new and was afraid of failing
  • Became his personal advisor and “Business Wingman.” Started with mapping his talents, skills, experience, and passions with possible business options, which ultimately led to opening a staffing & recruiting business
  • Created company legal name, structure & operating agreement, registered with government agencies, hired a CPA firm, conducted market evaluations, benchmarked from similar company, and established a website/social media channels
  • Developed go-to-market position, business model, strategy, goals, and timeline
  • Coached/trained the owner on how to be an entrepreneur & on important business competencies (guerilla marketing, grassroots sales, superior customer service, etc)
  • Hard work & discipline paid off. Company crushed the original goals and achieved $250,000 in revenue in the first year and doubled that figure in second year
  • Garnered top results for clients with 95% placement rating  
  • Owner was finally fulfilling his life passion of helping others succeed while meeting the demands of the broader economy and matching high quality people to organizations in need   
Farmer Dusting Crops

Revenue increased 500%

The Challenge
  • While an expert in her industry, the passionate small business owner was not well versed in business and became frustrated with not being able to take the business to next level
  • Spent a lot of time and money trying different marketing tactics that did not work
  • Problems with sales and converting prospects into paying customers
The Solution
  • Coached the owner on how to run a business: her “why,” mindset, value proposition, marketing, sales, cash flow, budgeting, contracts, leadership, customer satisfaction, etc
  • Personalized an aggressive growth business plan and resolved logistics/distribution issues
  • Opened a retail store in an ideal location and in partnership with a complimentary service provider
The Result
  • Owner went from working hard “in a small business” to leading a high-quality globally focused company
  • Revenue increased 500% and claimed over 20% in market share in just 9 months
  • Educated/helped thousands of people with the health benefits of organic products that created customers for life
Architecture Sketch transition to Photo of home

2 offices opened in 15 months

The Challenge
  • Successful mid-sized firm was looking to scale and open new offices in other cities
  • Principals lacked certain business knowledge and expertise necessary to grow
  • Leaders were apprehensive about making changes and struggled with keeping up with consumer demand
  • Organization had a good reputation and vision, but was not able to devise a plan, communicate, and execute
The Solution
  • Performed SWOT & market analysis to understand the true potential and gain clarity
  • Prepared and executed overall company strategy with separate plans/goals for each location
  • Provided executive 1-on-1 coaching/training to principals
  • Implemented a “business scoreboard” to track and manage performance
The Result
  • Opened two new offices in 15 months
  • Captured 46% more market opportunities
  • Elevated the confidence & leadership capabilities of principals and ensured future success with employee development programs and succession plans
Corporate Executive - Banking

Top executive achieves new position, promotion, raise, and improved quality of life

Banking Executive Case Study
  • Successful executive hit a ceiling in his career
  • Did not have a mentor giving him advice
  • Sharp leader with a lot more to offer, knew he could accomplish more, but just didn’t know how to achieve a higher-level role
  • Life was out of balance and ended up exhausted from working all the time in a company he hated
  • Conducted personality & leadership assessments and discovered strengths, weaknesses, behaviors, motivators, and “ideal” environments for which he would thrive
  • Provided comprehensive executive leadership and management coaching that provided a clear focus based on his true passion/expertise, career progression plan, and stretch goals that force him out of his comfort zone
  • Rebranded him with new vision, purpose, resume, social media profiles, etc
  • Identified his ideal position, prepared him for interviews, and negotiated terms of company offer
  • Accepted Senior Vice President position in perfect organization for him to best succeed
  • His confidence and executive presence reached a pinnacle
  • Transitioned to a different/better company, got promoted, in a job he loves where he is maximizing his true potential, making a level of income that exceeded his expectations, and is living the quality of life he always wanted   
Electrical Contractor

Operating expenses reduced by 41%, employee morale skyrockets

Electrical Contractor Case StudyTHE CHALLENGE
  • Family-owned business working extremely hard, but not making a net profit
  • Owners (2-brothers) had no formal training in how to run a business
  • Company was in chaos and the 12 employees were being micro-managed to ensure things were “done right”
  • Customer satisfaction was at all-time low as a result of not showing up on time and taking too long to get jobs done
  • Created company vision, mission, purpose, strategy, and goals
  • Got organized with priorities, roles, and responsibilities for staff members
  • Instituted quality controls, processes, and procedures
  • Reduced expenses and implemented new budget plan
  • Owners are adequately trained and more confident in business decision making & leadership functions
  • Streamlined inventory/asset management and reduced operating expenses by 41%
  • Employee morale/performance skyrocketed, received over 70 5-Star client reviews, and the business became profitable all in 5 months
Veterinary Case Study

Went from $3.3M in revenue to $4.2M in first year

  • Two animal doctors (partners) been in business for 16 years, built a solid business, but struggled to manage all areas of the business due to a lack of time
  • Owners were focused on seeing patients daily and neglected marketing, sales, and competition from newer veterinary clinics that recently entered the market
  • While profitable, the company needed to make some much-needed investments in order to continue serving the community at the desired level
  • With the current situation, the business had stalled and was missing out on opportunities to grow
  • Launched a new investment strategy and remodeled/expanded the facility
  • Crafted an aggressive marketing plan & outsourced implementation to local firm with animal health expertise
  • Purchased state-of-the-art ordering system for food, products, and prescriptions
  • Trained 22 employees on communications, performance, and customer service
  • Improvements increased number of clientele and improved repeat customers by 32%
  • Went from $3.3M in revenue to $4.2M in first year after reinvestment
  • Company now has a balanced approach, is more profitable, operates efficiently, and owners have time to enjoy the things they love in life
Wellness items laid out next to pool

Repeat business doubled, 14% profitability reclaimed within 3 months

  • Day spa company’s growth decreased due to an economic downturn
  • Leaders were experiencing challenges with managing employees
  • Even with decent sales activity, the company’s profitability was nearly zero
  • Owner was not making much money and was stressed out
  • Made several changes to how the company provides its array of services
  • Rolled out a new client experience and rewards program
  • Provided leadership, priority management, and delegation training to leaders
  • Reduced expenses and implemented new budget plan
  • Client referrals and repeat business doubled
  • Budget discipline garnered 14% profitability in just 3 months
  • Team dynamics improved drastically. Owner now has more time to work “on the business” and for herself personally, which has reduced stress and created a positive work environment 
Federal Government

64% increase in performance, fast track achieved within 5 months

Government Case Study
  • Large-sized failing department required a complete turnaround
  • Little to no leadership presence & engagement
  • Zero strategy, plans, goals, or objectives defined
  • Employees were confused, frustrated, miserable, and needed direction & support
  • Conducted a 360-degree organizational assessment
  • Defined criteria for key roles and interviewed/hired new leadership team
  • Developed a new, bold, and comprehensive strategy for success
  • Implemented an easy to execute plan & operational cadence for employees
  • Organization was rehabilitated and on the fast track in only 5 months
  • Staff bought into new leadership, new/positive culture, and 64% increase in performance
  • Reduced bureaucracy, simplified operations, and started winning awards
Cyber Security

Market share increased by 26%

Cyber Security Case StudyTHE CHALLENGE
  • Been in business for 10 years, but was stuck and not growing
  • Leaders were working too much “in the weeds of the business”
  • Lacked clarity and a plan to expand products & services
  • Missing significant opportunities in a high-demand industry
  • Developed a customized plan and aggressive goals
  • Revamped the business model to managed services and monthly recurring revenue based
  • Put new practices in place to mitigate risk for better decision making
  • Trained the leaders to think more strategically and execute faster
  • Took company from low to high levels of confidence
  • Doubled revenue earnings in a year and a half
  • Increased market share by 26%
Online Marketing Advertising banner on laptop

Sales and annual revenue increased by 18%

  • Company relocated from one part of the country to another
  • Had to re-establish the company in a new/unknown area
  • Problems with brand awareness and effective market penetration
  • Things that worked before were no longer working in the new environment
  • Conducted market research and rebranded the company
  • Developed a new positioning and sales strategy
  • Refined portfolio of offerings to specific target audience
  • Provided clarity and accountability in executing the game plan
  • Company evolved as a national brand in 15 months
  • Sales and annual revenue increased 18% by Q3 of new plan
  • Team is laser focused and obtaining levels of success never thought possible
Legal Case Study

Second office opens within 13 months

  • Law firm hit a ceiling in business growth
  • Owner felt alone, was negative, burned out, and losing sleep
  • Firm was in a rut & doing the “daily routine” trying to keep up
  • Company lost its passion and purpose
  • Immediately changed mindset/attitude & instilled confidence
  • Redefined company’s “why” and vision of future
  • Realigned roles/responsibilities & sales focus to more ideal clients
  • Taught communications, delegation, and time management skills
  • Firm grew and opened second office in 13 months
  • Employees now working cohesively and consistently accomplishing goals
  • Achieved a whole new level of energy, excitement, teamwork, and success
Software Startup

$1.7M added in revenue, 21% increase in profitability

Software Startup Case Study
  • Owner had never owned/operated a business before
  • Did not know how to lead & manage people
  • No experience or training in business
  • Had a lot of frustration with working 70-hour weeks with little results


  • Conducted a business assessment
  • Prioritized company activities
  • Developed go-to-market strategy & business plan
  • Taught business, leadership, and time management principles to team


  • Added $1.7M in revenue
  • Increased profitability 21%
  • Quadrupled client base in 1-year

Customer service skyrockets, 42% increase of high quality clients

Engineering Case StudyTHE CHALLENGE
  • Company grew too fast, could not scale adequately, and lost client opportunities as a result
  • Had an inexperienced leadership team
  • Routinely lost money on projects due to mismanagement
  • Staff was spread too thin, work was not prioritized, and quality continued to decrease
  • Created new, highly effective/efficient business model & organizational structure
  • Provided 1-on-1 professional development & leadership coaching/training for management staff
  • Developed 3-year strategic plan & roadmap
  • Established “best practices” and implemented repeatable processes & procedures across the firm
  • Minimized gaps & mistakes … company now runs like a well-oiled machine
  • Customer service skyrocketed & captured 42% increase in higher quality clients
  • Company successfully scaled, opened two additional offices, and surpassed original goals
Accounting Case Study

Profits increase 3x

  • Small-sized CPA firm struggling to scale to medium-sized
  • Owner experienced a number of personal setbacks
  • Needed a clear focus, plan, and confidence
  • Afraid to make decisions & execute … scared to make a mistake


  • Served as a personal/trusted advisor for decision making
  • Introduced smart, scalable game plan
  • Phased out lower revenue related offerings
  • Upgraded services portfolio to higher-end client base and provided sales training
  • Increased profitability 3-fold
  • Hired additional employees to support rapid growth
  • Owner achieved personal/professional goals & is living an easier life
Holding technology in hands

34% increase in profitability

  • One of the two business partners/owners sold and exited the company
  • Caused significant voids across the organization
  • Company revenues, customer service, and morale decreased over time
  • Lost focus as the company and tried to sell everything to everyone, which did not work
  • Conducted a company evaluation and SWOT analysis
  • Discovered unnecessary expenses and restructured the budget
  • Hired and trained new sales team around specific target opportunities
  • Motivated and held leaders accountable to new strategy
  • Increased profitability by 34% & added 4 new, large, long-term accounts in first 6 months
  • Customer satisfaction went from 3-star to 5-star ratings
  • Morale soared as the company came together as one team

And many more upon request!

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“Jason is a solid business and technology leader. I've known Jason for 6 years and have worked for him and closely with him. I recommended him to business leaders in the community to help refine and enhance their business. He has great soft skills and consulted with me one on one and in group settings to drive results. He clearly articulates objectives and develops a methodical approach to solving business issues and challenges to gain results. He is great at dissecting issues and looking at multiple angles to solve them. He is passionate about driving positive change into organizations. I highly recommend Jason as a Business Coach.”

Jim C.
President, Technology Brokerage Firm

“Jason is a great combination of a coach who listens, sees where I'm at, and pushes me intelligently to the next level. He is generous with his time, his knowledge, and his problem-solving skills. I cannot say enough about Jason's command skills, apparently developed in every phase of his life. If you want to develop as a leader, be around Jason, learn from Jason, hire Jason”

Janna D.
CEO, Counseling Company

“Jason is a master coach that served as a confidential advisor and pushed me to go farther in my career. He listened, quickly understood where I was in my professional journey, and coached me to be a highly effective executive. There were areas where I thought I was proficient, but discovered I had blind spots. Now I lead my organization in a strategic manner with more confidence and am able to operate at higher levels excellence. I absolutely recommend Jason as a coach to anyone looking to maximize their leadership abilities and serve at the next level in their career.”

Scott S.
VP, Banking Industry