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A Simple Process With Proven Results

Most people have never worked with a coach before, don't know what to expect, and need help getting started. To ensure you get the help you need when you need it, I make things easy as possible by offering a complimentary (no obligation) consultation to:

Understand your situation

Discover if I am the right coach for you

Develop a customized strategy tailored to your specific needs

Execute the plan together

Coach you every step of the way

Achieve success and WIN!

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Client’s complex problems solved with life-changing results

COVID-19 Pandemic
  • COVID-19 had a significant impact on every business (small, medium, and large) in every industry
  • Companies were caught off guard, were unprepared, and most didn’t have a contingency plan
  • Fear of the unknown set in and many business leaders had lost confidence in decision making. Some did nothing, some blindly tried a few things that did not work, and others decided to “wait it out”
  • Met with all my clients, as well as other friends, colleagues, and business leaders in my network
  • Kept leaders calm, focused on can-do attitude, problem solving, opportunistic mindset, and reassured employees by being open, honest, transparent, and including them in a new action plan
  • Analyzed every area of the companies (budget, sales, marketing, performance, plans, etc), reviewed strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and led leaders and staff through the change process
  • Developed an agile business strategy centered around being nimble in how products and services could be delivered, targeting new markets, better adapting to existing client’s needs, and providing new/personalized consumer experiences
  • Gave business leaders hope and confidence by creating a new “art of the possible,” overcoming adversity, and winning
  • Organizations were “leaned” out by cutting non-critical expenses, reducing inventories, streamlining processes, becoming more efficient, and are now able to quickly and proactively respond to any type of market disruption  
  • Every company stayed in business and on average increased revenues by 16%   
COVID-19 Pandemic
The Challenge
  • While an expert in her industry, the passionate small business owner was not well versed in business and became frustrated with not being able to take the business to next level
  • Spent a lot of time and money trying different marketing tactics that did not work
  • Problems with sales and converting prospects into paying customers
The Solution
  • Coached the owner on how to run a business: her “why,” mindset, value proposition, marketing, sales, cash flow, budgeting, contracts, leadership, customer satisfaction, etc
  • Personalized an aggressive growth business plan and resolved logistics/distribution issues
  • Opened a retail store in an ideal location and in partnership with a complimentary service provider
The Result
  • Owner went from working hard “in a small business” to leading a high-quality globally focused company
  • Revenue increased 500% and claimed over 20% in market share in just 9 months
  • Educated/helped thousands of people with the health benefits of organic products that created customers for life
Agriculture Case Study
  • Large-sized failing department required a complete turnaround
  • Little to no leadership presence & engagement
  • Zero strategy, plans, goals, or objectives defined
  • Employees were confused, frustrated, miserable, and needed direction & support
  • Conducted a 360-degree organizational assessment
  • Defined criteria for key roles and interviewed/hired new leadership team
  • Developed a new, bold, and comprehensive strategy for success
  • Implemented an easy to execute plan & operational cadence for employees
  • Organization was rehabilitated and on the fast track in only 5 months
  • Staff bought into new leadership, new/positive culture, and 64% increase in performance
  • Reduced bureaucracy, simplified operations, and started winning awards
Government Case Study
  • Company relocated from one part of the country to another
  • Had to re-establish the company in a new/unknown area
  • Problems with brand awareness and effective market penetration
  • Things that worked before were no longer working in the new environment
  • Conducted market research and rebranded the company
  • Developed a new positioning and sales strategy
  • Refined portfolio of offerings to specific target audience
  • Provided clarity and accountability in executing the game plan
  • Company evolved as a national brand in 15 months
  • Sales and annual revenue increased 18% by Q3 of new plan
  • Team is laser focused and obtaining levels of success never thought possible
Advertising Case Study
  • One of the two business partners/owners sold and exited the company
  • Caused significant voids across the organization
  • Company revenues, customer service, and morale decreased over time
  • Lost focus as the company and tried to sell everything to everyone, which did not work
  • Conducted a company evaluation and SWOT analysis
  • Discovered unnecessary expenses and restructured the budget
  • Hired and trained new sales team around specific target opportunities
  • Motivated and held leaders accountable to new strategy
  • Increased profitability by 34% & added 4 new, large, long-term accounts in first 6 months
  • Customer satisfaction went from 3-star to 5-star ratings
  • Morale soared as the company came together as one team
Technology Case Study

”I met Jason in a Networking group, and had a meeting with him. I was so impressed with Jason's knowledge and skill, but mostly the way he lifted my spirits and encouraged me. You know those people that you talk with that give you the confidence you need to move forward, while giving you the tools and resources as well, that's Jason. I am thrilled to have Jason as my Coach, and excited to see my confidence and leadership skills grow, which flows over to my staff, volunteers, investors, but most of all, the clients we serve.”

Laura W.
CEO, Non-Profit

“Jason is richly gifted in his chosen profession. His highly professional yet warm and caring way of questioning, searching and evaluating his clients' current situation and inspiring them to reach higher and dig deeper to achieve their personal and career goals is surely a blessing to anyone who is lucky enough to work with him. If you are feeling discouraged or stuck and looking for a way to grow and blossom, or if you're doing great where you but are ready to skyrocket to the next level, Jason is the guy to help you get there.”

Janice Z.
Healthcare Executive

"Jason is an exceptionally talented leader and business coach. His experiences working in the military, local government, and private sector have given him a broad prospective on what it takes to be successful. He is a great listener and spends a lot of time getting to know you as an individual and what motivates you. Working with Jason helped me gain clarity on what I wanted to do in my career, encouraged me to always aim higher, and helped me develop a plan for how to achieve my goals."

Rick N.
Retail General Manager

“Jason is a gifted leader. Because he has many years of experience in leadership, operations, and sales, he knows a variety of creative methods, and he ensures you learn what you need to. His calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you’re making mistakes. He is always encouraging and positive. If you want to grow your company, improve your organization, or take it to a higher level, hire Jason!”

Matt P.
VP, Government Relations