Low Closing Rate? You Need to Read This

Many business leaders often see addressing a low closing rate as a daunting challenge. The right support and guidance can fix this. A business coach helps turn challenges into growth opportunities by sharing knowledge, experience, and strategies. Let’s explore in greater depth how a business coach can guide you in overcoming this obstacle and propelling…

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Make Happy Employees and Increase Employee Productivity

Increase Employee Productivity

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, one of the key challenges that business owners face is maximizing the productivity and happiness of their employees. The relationship between employee happiness and productivity is not a secret; happy employees are more engaged, motivated, and efficient in their roles. To address this important part of running a successful…

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Louisville KY – Productivity / Revenue Increased for Local Manufacturing Company

Revenue Increase for local Manufacturing Company

At Soar Higher Coaching, I work with clients to foster and develop professional success and business growth. I have worked with companies of all sizes to improve their organizational structure, create foundational and organizational strategies, increase profit, develop team collaboration and management, and more! With customized training workshops, I focus on identifying and reorienting the…

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