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Business Turnaround Coaching

Business moves at rocket speed. On any given day, a business can face global economic changes, increased competition, labor constraints, and new technologies that can cause major setbacks or force a business to close altogether. Coach Jason works with companies, oversight boards, and investment firms to transform organizations from struggling to highly successful with proven strategies and structured processes.

How a Business Coach Can Help You

Objectively Assess The Situation

Get a clear understanding of the business with a comprehensive assessment & scorecard used to determine priorities and improvement action plans.

A Plan

Based on assessment findings, create a new vision, custom strategy, goals, and timeline for success across all areas of the company with performance metrics.

Design the Structure

Reorganize the company functions with the right people in the right roles to meet the new expectations and operate as efficiently as possible.

Develop the Team

Based on gap analysis, coach & train team members on business efficiencies, culture, teamwork, effective communication, and excellent customer service.

Implement the Business Model

Institute new marketing/sales growth strategies to penetrate new markets, close more deals, efficiently deliver products/services, and sustain customers with the right systems & processes.

Establish Transparency & Accountability

Coach & train teams through the change process, measure results, and make necessary continuous improvement adjustments along the way.

and much more ...

Overcoming Limitations – Reaching Peak Performance

A seasoned business coach can be the difference maker for a company that is stagnant or in decline. In that situation, you must quickly identify problems, better understand available options, develop a realistic plan, implement the right systems/processes, and execute with laser precision in order to recover and become a viable and sustainable company of the future.