Bardstown, KY – Strategic Planning for Retail Stores | Business Coaching News

The rise of online shopping, rapidly rising inflation and increased competition are all factors which make success in the world of retail hard to find for many owners of shops across the country. To succeed in the retail space, you must be a smart businessperson and make wise decisions which advance the goals of your…

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Louisville, KY – FAQs About Leadership Development from a Local Business Coach

Jason Ballard Profile shot standing

Having great leaders in positions of influence can help companies of all sizes and industries reach new heights. Being an effective leader involves keeping your people motivated, on task and providing a steady presence for everyone to follow, which are all aspects which positively impact a company’s performance. On the other hand, negative leadership can…

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Louisville, KY – Overview of Succession Planning Services from a Business Coach

Overview of Succession Planning Services from a Business Coach

Any transition of business ownership takes careful planning to perform effectively. While it might be simpler to transition internally from one owner or group of owners to family members or other employees, there is a higher level of care which must be taken to ensure the company continues to perform at its optimum efficiency through…

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