Engage. Execute. SOAR.

World-Class Training

for organizations of all sizes that are looking to gain a competitive edge.

High impact training for small, medium, and large-sized organizations wanting to grow, develop their employee base, improve performance, overcome challenges, provide better customer experiences, or simply soar their organization to the next level of excellence.

Customized Training Programs

Portfolio of training is offered in 1-2 hour workshops, half day seminars, or multi-day events.
Below are the most common training programs offered (not limited to):

The Way To Wealth

Success strategies of wealthy entrepreneurs.  Achieve financial freedom and live the life you really want.

Mastering Sales In Any Environment

Proven strategies of successfully navigating anyone through all phases of the selling process while building genuine relationships and closing high ticket deals.

Capture Ideal Clients With Best In Breed Marketing & Positioning

Proven marketing and positioning tactics that will fill your funnel full of your defined perfect customers.

Negotiation - The Art of Persuasion

Learn the 6 Universal Laws & 15 Simple Rules of Getting to YES.

Achieve Clarity & Anything Is Possible

Provides key steps necessary to clearly understand and simplify situations, focus, solve problems, execute, and be successful.

Leadership That Everyone Wants To Follow

Series of leadership programs for high performing leaders that want to achieve personal and organizational excellence.

Become A Thriving Entreprenuer

Discover how to successfully launch and sustain a business without making the catastrophic mistakes that lead to most failure.

Building a Winning Organizational Strategy

Straightforward approach to developing and successfully implementing a strategic plan that everyone understands, is excited about, held accountable to, and garners desired results.

Setting & Conquering Champion Level Goals

Pushing yourself farther than before by closely examining your life/career, giving yourself permission to dream big, mapping out your “never thought possible” goals, and aggressively attacking them until accomplished.

Priority & Time Management Mastery That Will Change Your Life

Learn the real secrets of how to be more proactive, make the best use of your time, double your productivity, and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Getting More Done Through Effective Delegation

Become an expert on prioritizing work, assigning tasks, setting expectations, communicating, managing teams, and soaring to new heights.

Communications Breakthrough

How to identify different personality types, adapt to any style, connect and influence relationships, and achieve desired outcomes.

Growing a Strong Business Through Customer Satisfaction

Offers invaluable insight to why consumers buy, what it takes to keep them happy, and how to earn repeat business and referrals.

Developing a Lasting Culture That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Create a positive work environment with high standards of accountability where everyone can thrive and is excited to come to work every day.

Accomplishing More with Highly Productive Teams

Propel your organization to be the most productive and efficient in your industry by building an unstoppable team that is the envy of market competitors.

And more ...

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"I have known Jason Ballard for over 7 years and have seen him transform multiple organizations to unprecedented levels of success in both the public and commercial sectors. Jason is a true leader and uses his broad array of leadership and business skills to help organizations execute clear-cut plans that deliver results. If you are having challenges in your business or want to simply improve, I enthusiastically recommend Jason."-

John Y. Brown III
Owner of JYB3 Group and former Kentucky Secretary of State

"Jason is amazing! He led me through the transition from serving in the corporate sector to starting my own business. That was an exciting, but scary thing to do. Jason made it easy. He helped me develop a strategy for success and coached me along the way to exceed my goals in my first year of business. I highly recommend Jason. He is a master at coaching people and organizations to success."

David B.
CEO - Human Resources Company

"Jason is a phenomenal business coach. When we started working together, my business was experiencing growing pains. I was stressed, working myself to death, and struggling to keep up with customer’s demands. In a relatively short amount of time, Jason helped me get organized and structured a plan of action to run the business in a very efficient manner. As a result, our bottomline improved 20 percent and were able to scale to another level of service offerings for our clients."

Kevin D.
CEO, Technology Company