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provide organizations invaluable business intelligence thrusting them to the top as a market leader.

Offering over 100 scientifically-based assessments used to measure the performance of any organization for comparative analysis, improvement opportunities, benchmarking, and decision making. Below are some of the most popular assessments used by clients.

Business Health and Performance Assessment

Business Health & Performance

Gain clarity by understanding how your business is operating compared to industry best practices.

Financial Awareness Assessment

Financial Awareness

Provides financial evaluations, gap analysis, and benchmarking of businesses in similar industries.

Leadership Competencies Assessment

Leadership Competencies

Assesses the overall capabilities of leaders: skillsets, experience, executive presence, decision making, delegation, time management, communications, strategic thinking, politics, achieving goals, and more.

Management Skills Assessment

Management Skills

Measures a person’s capacity to successfully manage people, assets, budgets, time, and resources.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Emotional Intelligence

Provides in-depth analysis of an individual’s ability to sense, read, understand, and respond to various types of people and work-related situations.

Workplace Stress Indicators Assessment

Workplace Stress Indicators

Determines sources of stress, frustration, and anxiety, and provides a snapshot of an organization’s overall well-being.

Career Planning Assessment

Career Planning

Identifies an individual’s unique aptitude, passion, and talent, and aligns them to a field/position best suited for them with a career progression roadmap.  This assessment is ideal for:

  • Individuals just starting out, lost in their careers, or looking to make a change
  • Unsettled professionals that “job hop” and think “the grass is always greener”
  • People that know they can achieve more, but accept less, and do not know how to maximize their full potential
Talent Insights & Motivators Assessment

Talent Insights & Motivators

Versatile management tool for understanding an individual’s personality profile (DISC), behaviors, motivators, strengths, weaknesses, communication style, decision making, and perfect work environment.  This report is fantastic for:

  • New Employee Hiring & Orientation
  • Development and Performance Plans
  • Retention Strategies
  • Coaching and Mentoring Top Talent
  • Leadership Development
  • Conflict Resolution
Team Dynamics Assessment

Team Dynamics

Reviews numerous aspects of the workplace and how well teams work together, communicate, leverage each other’s talents, and accomplish organizational goals.

360-Degree Organizational Climate Assessment

360-Degree Organizational Climate

Customizable, anonymous surveys that provide critical insight and transparency on an organization’s culture, adherence to policies, positive/negative trends, and employee performance feedback.

Communication Methods Assessment

Communication Methods

Discover how to master the art of connecting, listening, understanding, and communicating with all types of people.

Sales Skills & Success Index Assessment

Sales Skills & Success Index

Geared toward serious sales professionals that want to operate at an elite level in a highly competitive marketplace.

And many more ...

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