New Albany, IN – Looking for a Career Change? Business Coach Offers Advice

Looking for a Career Change? Business Coach Offers AdviceLike most people who decide to pursue the path to entrepreneurship, you’re probably discontent working a standard nine-to-five where your advancement and financial growth are mostly predetermined.

When you feel mostly discontent is when you should consider changing careers! Your career should make you feel fulfilled, productive, and adequately challenged for most of your time working. You should also be able to sustain your ideal work-life balance, as professional success requires a balance of personal and professional endeavors!

I offer an exclusive career planning assessment to help my clients discover new fields and positions based on their talents and develop a career progression roadmap! However, to begin the transition process so changing careers is as painless as possible, there are a few steps you have to take.

How to Change Your Career

Acknowledging your discontent with your current career is the first step: you should understand why you feel unfulfilled in that occupation to conduct a self-evaluation process and gain insight.

If you are experiencing personal challenges affecting your professional endeavors, you will be able to address them and get the resources you need to overcome them. When you hire a business coach, confidentiality is guaranteed: we are responsible for considering personal challenges to surmount those obstacles interfering with career advancement.

Afterward, you can create a vision for your career. Identifying your vision is critical to creating a business as it lays the foundation for your business plan.

Next, research how to enter that new career, cultivate your ideal job, or create your own business! Understanding the requirements, skills, and processes will help you learn if entrepreneurship is right for you or if you need to start over and reassess your options.

When creating your own business, you will start strong and with a sturdier foundation if you consult with the assistance of a business coach! A coach will help you create a solidifying vision statement, find the financial resources you need to fund your business, and set goals based on your industry’s benchmark using assessments.

I conduct a Diamond Mapping assessment to help my clients visualize their personal and professional situations to chart their paths toward changing their careers. I use Financial Awareness assessments to benchmark other businesses in your industry.

Finally, find a mentor who will keep you accountable for your career transition progress! Global leaders and executives have hired business coaches as mentors to help them maintain successful careers because we create sustainable success for our clients. We are passionate about helping our clients stay organized, productive, and goal-oriented!

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