New Albany, IN – Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach for Startup Launches

 Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach for Startup LaunchesWith any startup, it is crucial to create a comprehensive business plan to provide a sturdy foundation, establish your position in the market, and acquire funding to grow. As a startup, your main objective is to distinguish your business from others in the market to get the capital you need to begin producing and selling your goods and services.


Building your startup requires market research, competitive research, financial planning, making financial projections, proof of certifications, funding requests, and more. Hiring a coach to help you create a concise business plan is a valuable investment: you’ll receive expert guidance so you can feel confident in acquiring sources of capital and having a solid vision and purpose for your business.

We Will Craft an Engaging Business Plan


  • Readers and investors will know who you are, what services and products you provide, what purpose your company serves, and your plans for the future.
  • The marketing assessment will be cohesive, demonstrate comprehension of your industry, and the proposed marketing and advertising strategies align with your company.
  • The plan will demonstrate competence in knowing who your competition is and why you stand out from your competition.
  • You show you generally understand your financial predicament, have planned financially, and are strategic and confident in acquiring the necessary funds.
  • Readers and investors will easily find your documents and unique certifications to further entice them to fund your business.

We Will Explore All Your Funding Options

I will help you understand your most optimal funding opportunities and will assist you in pursuing them. Some funding opportunities we will explore are the following:


  • Credit cards: you’ll make the minimum monthly payments and spend within the credit limits. Using credit cards is an affordable source of capital because the monthly payments will often stay low.
  • Venture capitalists: once your business achieves high growth potential and is pursuing commercialization, you can pitch to investors to provide capital. In return, these investors receive an equity stake.
  • Family and friends: people closest to you can invest in your business.
  • Factoring: this involves selling receivables – the money due from customers for services or goods acquired through store credit or payment installments – to a financial provider (or factor) for quick cash. This funding method is beneficial when a business experiences a cash flow shortage when receivables outnumber sales revenue.
  • Crowdfunding: this is a method of acquiring funds gaining significant traction. It is a way to obtain public funding for businesses, projects, individual healthcare, and more. You’ll receive financial contributions from individuals and companies alike.


  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending: this method, also called “crowd lending,” is similar to crowdfunding, where you can acquire short-term financial assistance by getting loans from other people rather than through a bank.


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