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Strategic Plan for Senior Care Facility | Business Coaching NewsWithout a clear vision, it’s impossible to make decisions that will guide your business. So many business owners are mired in the daily operations of their company, they forget to look at the long-term outlook and as a result their business falters.


In a situation like this, it’s a good idea for the business owner to enlist the help of a business coach. I have been helping businesses in the area for years, and my goal as a coach is to help the owner reach their goals through looking at the big picture of the company’s operation and making recommendations based on my experience.

Senior Care Facility Seeks Consistent Growth

One of my favorite long-term clients was a senior care facility with a great staff, a top-notch facility and a positive reputation in the community. While this establishment had a lot going for it, they had hit a period of stagnation from a business standpoint and asked for my help to get them pointed in the right direction again.


This facility didn’t want to grow leaps and bounds overnight, but rather they wanted to have steady growth with a strategy to effectively handle their new clientele.


  • Since this client wanted consistent but measured growth, we made clear goals with benchmarks to track their progress over time.
  • Once these goals were determined, the entire team was brought in to understand the direction of the facility and how their role would impact its success. Each decision we made during the planning phase was made in the light of the overall goal.
  • With growth as a priority, a new marketing plan was created to highlight the positive aspects of the facility and get their information in front of the right potential clientele.
  • Staffing plans were made to ensure the current facility was being run as efficiently as possible, and budgetary plans were made to keep the facility staffed correctly as they grew.


With a clear vision in place and a plan to facilitate and deal with consistent, measured growth, this senior care facility experienced a boost in morale among employees who were bought in and chasing the same goal.


During the time I assisted this facility, they experienced consistent growth and handled it with ease. After three years, they had grown in revenue by 30% and their operations were still running efficiently.

Let Me Help Grow Your Business

  • Analysis of Your Company: I can help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of your organization on the inside as well as the opportunities and threats from the outside (a SWOT analysis) and use those findings to craft a strategy for growth.
  • Custom Planning: Every company I work with has to have clear goals. From there, none of my experiences are the same because we’re working in pursuit of the owner’s specific needs.
  • Effective Marketing: Many small businesses don’t have a marketing person on staff, or if they do they can use some assistance in reaching a new level. I can use my local expertise to ensure your business is in front of the right clientele.


If you want to grow your business, set up a consultation today and we will make a strategic plan to grow the smart way.