Louisville, KY – Logistics Company: Business Coach Offers Sales Revenue Advice

Logistics Company: Business Coach Offers Sales Revenue AdviceAny time you take on a new business project, it’s important to have a strong team in place to help you see it through. Coordinating a group of high-performing individuals can be daunting, but it’s essential to ensure your venture’s success. That’s why, when my client came to me struggling to plan for a new service, I helped them, with solid sales revenue advice, to streamline their team to ensure they would be able to achieve revenue success.


When the logistics company executive came onto the new leadership role in the organization, he was tasked with creating the first-ever air operations service. This was a high-stakes project because if it failed, it would be a black mark on his record and a huge loss for the company.

This new leadership role for the executive was going to be a lot of pressure beyond the company’s expectations. It required strong leadership to manage the complex team of professionals, vendors, contractors, and industry experts across all departments. This was going to be a tough challenge for the company and the executive. The executive stepping into this role would have to demonstrate strong leadership skills and tenacity in pioneering a new service for the logistics company.


As a business coach, I served as a personal advisor for an executive team. My main goal was to develop plans and milestones while minimizing risk and ensuring the best decision-making in a fast-moving environment. First, I performed a needs analysis to establish specific goals and objectives. Then, I created a plan of action to help the team achieve these goals. I also monitored the team’s progress to observe where opportunities for improvement could lie.


Once a baseline was established, I did a few key things to help increase productivity. I built a group of top performers and trained them to operate together cohesively. This way, everyone was on the same page and working towards the same goal. I also developed key performance indicators and iterated on progress to keep everyone on track with goals. This helped to hold everyone accountable and ensure we were making progress. In the end, these practices helped increase productivity and improve the company’s overall operation.


As a result of my business coaching work with the client, they were able to launch the new business under budget and on time. The client also launched an operations center and was able to fill orders 30 days before completion. This resulted in an over 31% increase in sales because they were more efficient in their operations. The launch of the operations center has allowed the client to focus on their sales and marketing efforts. As a result, the company experienced a more streamlined and efficient process overall. The client is now better able to meet customer demands and expectations and has seen a significant increase in sales.


The client was extremely happy with the results and felt the coaching had been invaluable in helping them get their business off the ground. I was very pleased with the outcome, and seeing the client achieve such success was incredibly rewarding. I’m thrilled to have played a part in their success!


As a leading business coach in the Louisville, KY, area, I can help you align your leadership team to take on any challenge and give vital sales revenue advice. Contact me, Jason Ballard, at Soar Higher Coaching to enhance your executive team’s success.