Louisville, KY – Lawyers: Call for Leadership Development Coaching Services

 Leadership Development Team TrainingWhether you have a private practice or work in a large firm, you have to juggle several responsibilities, including conducting extensive legal research, attending meetings and trials, managing paralegals and secretaries, preparing legal documents, and meeting deadlines! To stay on top of deadlines and maintain a highly efficient team to support optimal legal practice, consider booking a consultation with me – Soar Higher Business and Executive Coach Jason Ballard!

I offer leadership training in 1-2 hour workshops, half-day seminars, or multi-day events where clients learn critical skills to take control of their careers. My Leadership Competencies assessment will evaluate your capabilities and further develop them: your leadership experience, executive presence, delegation, goal achievement process, and more!

What Leadership Development Coaching Offers You

Optimal productivity means saving time, money, and resources in business across all industries. With lawyers and attorneys, time is also of the essence! I will help you develop excellent time management skills so you and your team will perform at your best. In leadership development, you will learn how to prioritize and plan to meet deadlines more efficiently. Reduce the hours you spend in the office and get even more done with excellent time management techniques!

Team management is a skill you will develop using my Team Dynamics assessment, where I determine how your employees accomplish goals. Learn the most effective team behavioral strategies so your employees can work to their full potential.

You will also learn strategic thinking techniques that have helped global leaders and executives maintain highly productive daily operations and establish order instead of working through unnecessary processes. You will be able to cultivate an organized work environment where your team achieves high performance by creating an environment to sustain a smooth workflow!

Strategic thinking also involves creating and achieving goals. I will teach you how to reach tangible goals and effectively communicate the objectives for those goals to improve employee engagement.

Execution is a display of leadership ability! You will learn the value of having an action plan to strategize how to complete your objectives and goals. Your execution also involves you will delegate objectives and tasks to paralegals, secretaries, and assistants to give them clarity on their responsibilities and support their quick and efficient completion!

Finally, leaders use excellent communication to connect with, guide, and motivate their teams! You will improve your authoritative communication to express values, objectives, and daily and long-term goals to further engage and motivate your team! Improve your interpersonal communication skills to support team collaboration,  confidently manage your team, and encourage them to perform at their best!

If you are a lawyer and want to cultivate an optimal legal practice, call 719-640-8226 or click here to book a consultation with me to receive comprehensive leadership development coaching!