Louisville, KY – How a Business Coach Reduced Expenses for Electrical Contractor

How a Business Coach Reduced Expenses for Electrical ContractorSustainable operations help businesses achieve high profitability, cost-efficiency, productivity, waste reduction, and enhanced infrastructure. Business owners can improve their operations to earn higher profits with streamlined processes, efficient supply chain/logistics, effective team management, time management, waste reduction, and more.

I offer a professional business health and performance assessment to determine your organization’s efficiency compared to your industry’s best and most up-to-date practices. Check out how I helped my client, an electrical contractor, optimize their operations by reducing their expenses by 41% below.

Inefficient Operations Limiting Company Profitability

An electrical contractor operating a family-owned business reached out to me for assistance identifying the root of their inefficiency in productivity and making a net profit. Despite the two owners’ efforts to micromanage their employees, their services took too long to be provided to customers, leading to customer disengagement.

Optimizing Business Operations

  • I helped the owners develop a vision, mission, and purpose for running their family business to reinvigorate their commitment and drive. Then, we built strategic plans to achieve new purposeful growth and improvement goals.
  • Some significant business goals in the strategic plan included improvements in business operations management to reduce company expenses, supply chain/logistics to support quality processes and procedures, and managing inventory for waste reduction and cost efficiency.
  • We reestablished efficient daily operations using priority management and delegation.
  • I conducted an assessment to create a new budget plan for the business.

The Results

The business owners experienced a drastic shift: with better inventory and asset management and newly streamlined processes, the company reduced its operating expenses by 41% and achieved profitability in just five months.

Additionally, with the owners now overseeing structured daily operations and workflow, employees delivered better service and earned the company over 70 five-star reviews.

Overview of My Operations Services

Supply chain and logistics: we will identify opportunities for streamlining processes and using more cost-efficient material resources for maximum profitability.

Product and service innovation: we use market research and complete a market analysis to provide in-demand and high-quality products and services.

Strategic planning to create business operations goals: with a strategic plan, we will pursue improvements in business operations.

Time management: clients learn expertly-developed time-efficient strategies to prioritize work conducive to growth.

Talent management: we use an assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team and create performance plans for individual skill development.

Financial management: I help my clients create purposeful budgeting using the information gained from completing an assessment to pinpoint your current performance compared to the industry benchmark.

Communication and organization: I assist clients in developing optimal communication throughout their departments to achieve daily objectives and targets, assess workflow, and optimize workspaces.

Expense and waste reduction: we will implement expense reduction and waste reduction wherever possible while upholding the superior quality of your products and services.

Business owners seeking an expert to cultivate efficient business operations management can book a consultation with me today to get started.