Louisville, KY – Cyber Security Firms: Business Coach Increases Market Share

Cyber Security Firms: Business Coach Increases Market ShareBusinesses across all industries must be distinctive and competitive in the marketplace to achieve maximum profitability and sustainable commercial success. Marketing research and analysis is the key to understanding your current position compared to your peers, learning about the newest innovations in your industry, and strategizing product and service innovation.


I use proven business growth and development strategies to help my clients improve their competitiveness by identifying and pursuing optimal opportunities to expand into emerging markets, creating effective promotions and loyalty programs, and more.


I’ve recently assisted a cyber security firm in improving its revenue and earning a 26% increase in market share: learn more about how we approached their challenge of experiencing stagnancy and created a sustainable solution in a quick time.

Cyber Security Hits a Wall in Growth

The firm had been in business for a decade but needed my help when it hit a wall in growth: the business owners weren’t sure about what to do next to plan for the future of the company, weren’t aware of the latest opportunities in their industry, and had no plans of innovating their products and services.

Our Strategy

  • We created a strategic plan with aggressive growth and development goals.
  • I helped the business leaders adopt a new business model incorporating managed services and shifting to earning a monthly recurring revenue.
  • We assessed the firm’s risks and strategically pursued goals and improvements.
  • I completed a leadership assessment and trained the business leaders in strategic thinking, strategic planning, and effective execution of objectives.

The Results

The firm surmounted the wall blocking its growth, earning double its revenue in only a year and a half and increasing its market share by 26%. More importantly, the business owners became reinvigorated in their drive and commitment to leading the firm to success.

How Comprehensive Business Coaching Services Drive Growth

  • Sales growth: we identify optimal sales strategies for your sales team and create performance plans to reach sales quotas.
  • Marketing research: utilize marketing strategies and tools for data analysis, lead generation, service innovations, product innovations, opportunities to enter new markets, and more ways to reach your current client base and increase your prospective client base.


  • Product and service innovation: assess your current goods and services and compare them with your peers to stay competitive and distinctive. Additionally, it attracts strategic partnerships to promote each other’s goods and services.


  • Project management: creating, organizing, and overseeing the timely and efficient completion of projects for department expansion, manufacturing improvement, IT and software installation, new product or service launch, and more while staying within your budget.
  • Strategic Partnerships: conduct research to determine optimal mutually-beneficial and influential strategic partnerships for increased resources, supply chain partnership opportunities, unique market opportunities, customer expansion, discounted services, and more.

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