Louisville, KY – Business Strategic Planning Services for Construction Companies

Business Strategic Planning ServicesCreating a strategic plan offers an additional foundation and resourceful approach to accomplishing goals for any business. A strategic plan is a blueprint with instructions and information to achieve company goals of improvement in productivity, task completion, competitiveness, sustainability, or sales revenue. A strategic plan focuses on mid and long-term company goals, the objectives to achieve company goals, who is responsible for completing those objectives, and a deadline.

Business strategic planning services provides your construction company with further development of structure in operations, processes, productivity, and organization. Working with a business coach to create a strategic plan will ensure the confidence of all stakeholders, foster team engagement, and instill confidence with the guarantee of using simple, cost-effective, efficient, and time-saving tactics to achieve business goals.

Strategy Is Critical to Success

A strategic plan is beneficial for confirming your objectives with project stakeholders, keeping track of progress and deadlines, and informing your team of their responsibilities.

Strategy and planning are also essential in saving time, money, and resources. When you plan your work, you reduce or eliminate confusing and complex tasks and will spend less time and resources on nonessential work.

Elements of a Business Strategic Planning Services

  • I assess your previous business goals and identify the areas of success, stagnancy, or decline.
  • I use financial assessments to determine where your company sits compared to the benchmark and top 10 percent of your industry.
  • I assess your company’s purpose, mission, vision, and values to determine your progress and status in occupying that position in the market.
  • I conduct a SWOT analysis: we will identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats surrounding the goal to create purposeful objectives conducive to goal achievement.
  • I will create action and performance plans and business activity schedules to complete objectives.
  • Only the most necessary resources will be defined in the plan, reducing complexity and additional expenses.
  • I facilitate strategic planning meetings and confirm team engagement and consensus on company objectives and goals.
  • We will assess team engagement and performance and conduct check-ins to confirm clarity on objectives.
  • We will conduct check-ins to confirm progress in completing the strategic plan.

The Planning Process

  • We create relevant and tangible goals aligning with your personal and professional goals using a Diamond Map assessment.
  • We look at the key constraints and help you set goals to adjust, change, or remove limitations to maintain marketplace competitiveness.
  • We identify the key results areas available to capitalize.
  • I help you create action plans for the execution of objectives.
  • We will communicate the strategic plan to your team to define employee roles and responsibilities and schedule check-ins.
  • We will communicate the strategic plan to staff, answer questions, and address concerns from your team to have an engaging and insightful meeting.

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