Business Coach in Jeffersonville, KY Offers Strategic Planning for Realtors

Strategic Planning for RealtorsIf you are a realtor and need to improve marketing, improve customer service, meet higher sales revenue, or develop your brand, a strategic plan is the most efficient way to achieve those goals. A professionally developed organizational strategy will help you make and meet significant business goals as a step-by-step guide using cost-efficiency, timeliness, and resourcefulness.

In addition to using globally renowned business growth and development strategies, I incorporate my experiences in strategic planning to help my clients achieve more than the intended results. For example, I created a strategic plan for a global logistics company to fulfill a multi-billion-dollar initiative on time and eight million dollars under their budget while improving revenue growth by 31 percent.

Why Realtors Should Have a Strategic Plan

A strategic plan focuses business efforts on significant improvements and solutions to help you grow and thrive. Developing a plan ensures your work is purposeful because your priorities are clearly defined. Additionally, you will pursue improvements based on data and careful assessment to achieve favorable results.

Your strategic plan will include the following information:

  • Your vision of success.
  • Your business’ key results areas and constraints.
  • Goals to improve your business.
  • A list of resources.
  • Timetables to achieve your goals on time.

With a strategic plan, you will understand the following:

  • The action needed to improve specific areas of your practice.
  • The results you are seeking from making those improvements.
  • The tasks you will need to complete to achieve goals.
  • The time it should take to accomplish your goals.

Elements of a Strategic Plan

  • I assess your previous real estate goals and identify the areas of success, stagnancy, or decline in your firm or practice.
  • I use an industry comparative benchmark analysis to determine your key metrics compared to the benchmark and the top 10 percent of your industry to see your position compared to your peers.
  • I assess your purpose, mission, vision, and values to determine if you are in alignment with your original real estate goals.
  • I conduct a SWOT analysis: we will identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats surrounding each goal to create purposeful objectives conducive to goal achievement.
  • I help you create action and performance plans to implement sales, marketing, and customer service strategies.
  • We will conduct check-ins for progress in following the strategic plan.

The Planning Process

  • I will help you create tangible goals aligning with your personal and professional goals with an assessment.
  • We look at the key constraints and help you set goals to adjust, change, or remove limitations to maintain competitiveness.
  • We identify the key results areas available to capitalize.
  • We prioritize tasks for the completion of goals.
  • We create action plans to implement improvements in your business.

If you are interested in strategic planning for realtors in the Louisville and Jeffersonville, Indiana book a consultation with me.