Jeffersonville, IN – Business Coach Developed a Healthcare Transition Plan

Business Coach Developed a Healthcare Transition PlanBig changes are often necessary to reach a new level when growing any business. Whether it’s the decision to acquire a new company, move into a new territory or move to a new facility, these changes require planning, cost/benefit analyses and careful guidance throughout the transition.

In these times of change, business owners often enlist the services of a professional business coach who has experience helping other companies move through times of change and thrive on the other side. One of my most recent clients was going through such a change, and it was my privilege to help them through it.

Healthcare Company Needed Assistance with a Transition Plan

One of the area’s fastest-growing healthcare providers struggled with the decision of whether or not to move into a larger facility for quite some time. The business was growing, new clients were coming in and their current space wasn’t keeping up.


This change might be stressful for any business, but when dealing with a healthcare facility you can’t just pack up and move suddenly; there are appointments to honor, patients to treat and equipment needed at all times to keep things running smoothly.


  • We did a cost/benefit analysis and examined all options to ensure the current facility couldn’t be made to work. With the option to expand not available and space running out, the cost of staying outweighed the cost to move.
  • Logistics were worked out to care for every patient while still completing the move. This meant purchasing and renting some equipment to use at both locations for a short time.
  • The thought process behind the move and each employee’s duties to make the move successful were shared in depth, and we ensured the buy-in of everyone on the team.
  • Additional support staff were added to aid in the transition and ensure enough hands were on deck at all times during the move.


It would be a lie to say this process was easy, but since we made a strategic plan ahead of time we’re proud to say all clients were cared for during the move and now the clinic is in a facility which will allow them to grow for years to come. We also were able to make the move two months ahead of schedule, while still orchestrating the move without major issues arising.

I Can Help With Your Business Transition Plan

  • In-Depth Analysis: No large decision should be taken lightly, and it’s never a bad idea to have an expert lay their eyes on your plan before taking action. I can work with your team to determine if the change is worth the cost.
  • Employee Buy-In: If you’re making a change, your people want to have their opinions heard and if they have concerns you should do your best to address them.
  • Real-Time Assistance: During any transition, there will be issues which arise along the way. I can help deal with them as they happen and ensure they are addressed before they become a bigger deal.


If your company has a need for an upcoming transition plan, set up a consultation today and we will discuss how I can help.