How to Set Leadership Goals for Success

Finishing any race well often begins with a successful start, and then follows a predetermined plan. There is something to be learned from the basics when executives follow a proven strategy for growing employees’ paths — Start well, don’t race ahead blindly, and stick to wise leadership advice along your route. Why? Because spinning your wheels is time-consuming, unproductive, and costly.

A Fortune 500 best kept secret

It is estimated that between 25%-40% of Fortune 500 companies use executive coaches. Surprised? You shouldn’t be if you use them. If you don’t, it’s time to start because often these coaches are former business executives who work one-to-one with a senior executive to teach true leadership skills that can make a major impact.

Professional business coaching helps you set priorities and goals that shape the future of the company and customize training/coaching programs to ensure you reach the desired finish line.

Follow the Leader(ship)

While this isn’t child’s play, there is something to be said for the game, Follow the Leader. Spreading workflow out in many directions can lead to an unproductive scramble and few results. Instead, choose your leadership program wisely and let your educated leader promote experience and insight to inspire your employees to move in the right directions for growth—personal and professional, as well as the organization.

By leadership, we mean the ability to influence and help others in an impactful way. Who you are, your character, how you behave, and how you respond to situations all matters.

The secret’s in the fish

“Give me a fish, and I eat for a day. Teach me to fish, and I eat for a lifetime.” This quote well sums up executive coaching. Attend all the seminars you want, take page long notes, and even fill your bookshelves with the latest and greatest books. But instead of digesting all that, let us teach you how to fish on your own, how to best develop your employees and company, and empower your people to execute on whatever is needed to succeed.

With around 70% of Fortune 500 companies using coaches, the average return is more than 10 times the cost of coaching.

What those goals should be

An executive coach will help you define what your goals should be at every level of the organization, what your personal goals should be, and how to formulate a realistic plan to follow. Let’s face it: following a plan is simpler than creating the expert plan itself. This is where a coach comes in.

The benefits of leadership goal setting

You can reap the benefits of realistic goal setting. At Soar Higher Coaching, we’ve developed a plan to walk you through the steps to take to determine where you want to go, and how to reach where you want to be.

According to HubSpot, this is a list of common leadership skills to work on. Taking part in business coaching can help you assess your organizations’ current programs and develop plans to define skills and goals, inspire your employees and you to reach them, and track results. You’ll be able to evaluate the results and replicate to repeat success:

  • Communication: Leaders need to communicate clearly using active listening and clear, effective communication with stakeholders, employees, and all involved teams.
  • Strategic thinking: Leaders must strategically understand business goals and develop processes specifically to help meet them.
  • People management: Leaders must manage groups and help them succeed using people management skills that include communication, active listening, working collaboratively, team building, empathy, giving feedback, and delegating responsibility.
  • Motivation: Leaders must be self-motivated and committed to motivate and empower teams, so they feel empowered and able to achieve business goals.
  • Flexibility: Leaders must be flexible and able to adapt to changes in the market, employee turnover, or any issues that arise.
  • Reliability: People look up to leaders, and higher-ups want to trust that goals will be met, so they must be reliable, trustworthy, timely, and initiators.
  • Ability to mentor and teach: Leaders need to mentor, teach, and help employees develop their professional skills.
  • Decisiveness: Leaders must be able to make informed decisions confidently and decisively on critical business matters.
  • Ability to give and receive feedback: People look to leaders for guidance, so it’s critical for leaders to be transparent.

Benefits of Executive Business Coaching

Why even hire a business coach in the first place? If you’re searching for better ideas, better growth, and a better understanding of your business climate that includes your very own employees, you’ve come to the right place.

Determining a viable growth strategy for leadership to follow on the busy East Coast takes experience, dedication, and demonstrated results. We will show you why business coaching is important and how to help your employees achieve loyalty and success through it. It’s critical to hire the right coach to guide you and your company in determining true needs and providing necessary, customized training programs to reach your goals.

Effective Business Coaching begins at the top and ripples down into every level of an organization—of your organization. Let us guide you to determine realistic goals, discover your own personal goals, determine what approaches to take, and how to best communicate with your employees to inspire loyalty and performance.

Many things in life are achievable, but it takes knowledge, practice, and persistence to reach certain goals. By utilizing an Executive Business Coach, you can take advantage of the years of experience to customize an approach that will fit for your organization. Our brief assessment questionnaire will ask some specific questions relating to your company and goals and deliver a customized report with findings that will suggest feasible action items. You’ll also find proven tips to inspire your employees with coaching programs to fit your organization’s values and needs to drive future success.

Start here; be the pebble

Effective Business Coaching can make your task simple. Just take the first step:  complete our assessment to discover what you need to accomplish, and when. Here’s the path:

  1. Take our assessment
  2. Reply to schedule a free consultation with Coach Jason to review assessment results: findings and customized suggestions for action
  3. Work together to determine a business plan
  4. Communicate
  5. Follow the plan
  6. Assess the plan results along the path
  7. Reap the benefits of strategic goal setting by your business coach

According to Tim Cook (and others), “You want to be the pebble in the pond that creates the ripples for change.” To be that pebble, get some knowledgeable help. Your initial investigation with our assessment and consultation will be brief yet well worth your precious time.