Be Your Best Through Mindfulness

Investing in Yourself

How much do you invest in yourself? I know that sounds like a selfish thought, but that’s not the intent. Financial expert Dave Ramsey advises, “You should always pay yourself first, because if you don’t, you will never be able to pay yourself later.” Meaning, there will always be something else in the world that will consume your hard-earned dollars and will more than likely not allow you to reach your long-term financial goals. There is another lesson to be learned from the “pay yourself first” philosophy and that is, if you don’t invest in yourself, it limits your ability to invest in other important things like: family, friends, relationships, career, church, etc.

Take Charge of Your Time

You should manage your time in the same way you manage your money … invest in yourself first. The most important thing you have to offer is your time, but if you never take time for yourself, you will never be able to fully invest in other people or other aspects of life. One way to invest in yourself is through mindfulness. Here are three recommend ways to achieve a mindful you:

  1. Schedule 30 minutes per day to focus your time and thoughts in a quiet place by yourself with no distractions.
  2. Connect with your spirituality. Regardless of your faith, denomination, beliefs, etc, connect with something bigger than yourself. Make time to pray or meditate where you can reflect on your life, give thanks for your blessings, and center yourself around the most important things to you.
  3. Prioritize your day. Write a list of the “big rocks” that need your attention the most. That could consist of breakfast with the family, taking the kids to school, business meetings, updating your boss on a project, mentoring someone at work, calling a sick relative, going to your kid’s ball game, or volunteering in the community. Whatever that may be for you at that time, be proactive. Take control and get in front of your daily activities. Ensure you are spending your time on the most critical things surrounding your life.

Benefits of Mindfulness

By making time for yourself, it allows you to escape the day-to-day rat race of the world we all live in. It forces you to put aside the continuous stream of distractions of 24-hour news, social media, emails, texts, alerts, meetings, gossip at work, and endless list of chores at home and concentrate on how and where to invest your valuable time. It also allows you to clear your mind and decompress so you can think more clearly. When you can achieve a daily level of calm and composure, you are able to remain positive, better handle stress, sleep better at night, and maintain balance. You are special. You are important. People are counting on you. Being mindful allows you to be the best you can be and give more of yourself to others.

Make Each Day Count

There are only 1,440 minutes in each day. How are you using those minutes? Are you using them wisely or wasting them away? Once time has ticked off the clock, you can never get it back. Being mindful maximizes those valuable minutes and ensures you live the best life possible. Just like in your finances, pay yourself first and be remembered as someone who lived life to the fullest.

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