Bardstown, KY – Searching for a Business Coach for a Construction Company?

Searching for a Business Coach for Construction CompaniesIf you own a construction company and seek expert guidance in business growth, expansion, and development, consider hiring a certified business coach. I offer business growth services to help entrepreneurs across all industries reach successful and sustainable heights in their careers.


During a business coaching session, I will support you step-by-step in orienting your construction company to fulfill your personal and professional goals. Using business, behavioral, and financial assessments gives us an analytical approach to improving sales, workflow, daily operations management, project management, staff development, customer service, and more.

Growth Services Available to Construction Companies

  • Business assessment: I use my Business Health & Performance assessment to help you know where your business stands – we’ll identify the differences in how you run your construction company compared to the industry’s best standards. 
  • Establish your business vision: I will work with you to create or refine your mission, purpose, and business vision to begin running a company that fulfills your personal and professional goals.
  • Marketing and branding: we will explore strategic marketing and advertising to reach your target customer base and create distinctive branding for your construction company.
  • Optimal management: time, team, and financial management are critical in improving productivity, improving service, and reducing unnecessary expenses. My Management Skills Assessment will help you learn how to improve your capabilities.
  • Project management: I am available to assist with creating, organizing, and overseeing the timely and efficient completion of construction projects to satisfy the stipulations of all stakeholders.


  • Staff assessment: you will learn strategies to create employee performance plans, learn retention strategies, and use effective navigational coaching to develop your top employees.
  • Sales improvement: you will gain insight into the areas of sales and sales strategies you need improvement in to achieve results with my Sales Skills & Success Index Report.
  • Revenue and bottom line: you will improve your company’s profitability by minimizing debt, reducing expenses, attracting more long-term projects, and increasing your bottom line for better market value.
  • Communication methods: you will learn how to use developed interpersonal communication to build mutually-beneficial strategic partnerships and maintain harmony and collaboration with staff in a heightened company culture.

Business Coaching Overview

  • I conduct a business assessment to determine your progress in achieving business growth compared to the benchmark, your competition, and your personal and professional goals.
  • We look at your key constraints and set goals to adjust, change, or remove limitations with performance plans with KPIs, action plans, and more.
  • Build a solid strategic plan to achieve mid and long-term business goals.
  • Learn how marketing tools and strategies can be powerful toward growth by analyzing data, creating further segmentation and concentration of your customer base for lead generation, developing strategic campaigns, and measuring conversion rates.
  • Build personal branding with a positioning statement to highlight your strengths, qualifications, customer testimonies, and more.


Owners of construction companies seeking a business expert for growth and development can book a consultation with me today.