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Owning a hospital involves a great responsibility to deliver optimal patient care and services. It is critical for business owners who run hospitals to invest in leadership development coaching and training for sustainable success, productivity, and efficiency in daily operations management.


Requesting the assistance of a certified business coach gives you access to behavioral assessments and strategies to take action and cultivate business habits to drive optimal performance and achieve business goals. To take control of your hospital’s future and achieve success, consider contacting me today to discuss my leadership development services.

Leadership Development Assessments


  • My Leadership Competencies Assessment identifies your current potential, including your skills, executive presence, decision-making, and strategic thinking. From there, we will create a strategy to cultivate the skills and abilities to improve your leadership capability.
  • In my How Excellent Leaders Lead learning module, clients learn how successful executives and leaders remain positive, energetic, and creative to recognize and claim opportunities to achieve new business goals.

–        Using my Talent & Insights Motivators assessment, I evaluate an individual’s personality profile: their communication style, strengths, and weaknesses to develop optimal performance plans, retention strategies, leadership development, conflict resolution strategies, and the coaching and mentoring of top talent.

Cultivate a Leadership Mindset

The most successful entrepreneurs remain positive, energetic, and creative to recognize and take advantage of opportunities to achieve new business goals.

Develop Effective Communication

Improve interpersonal communication, authoritative communication, and conflict management. You’ll also identify and strengthen omni-directional relationships for harmonious and mutually-beneficial interdepartmental relationships. Clients will also learn about corporate relationship mapping for effective departmental management.

Determine Your Priorities

You’ll learn what you need to restructure or improve in your hospital and create SMART goals to implement solutions and improvements.

Create a Skilled and Engaged Staff

Building a high-achieving staff will be imperative to maintaining an efficient and functional hospital. It starts with identifying fit talent when hiring. Then, creating performance plans to develop and track their growth is the key to cultivating high performance. Finally, learning critical employee retention and engagement strategies will keep your team with you.

Summary of Leadership Training

You will learn strategies followed by globally successful leaders:

  • Learn why having a vision, purpose, and vision and remaining committed to materializing it is essential for your hospital to thrive.
  • I will work with you to create (or recreate) and execute your strategic plan for clarity in achieving objectives and tasks and setting goals for business growth.
  • Develop critical prioritization skills to complete valuable tasks.


  • Develop excellent communication skills, such as using authoritative communication to establish roles and communicate objectives and goals for your team.
  • Motivate your staff using positive reinforcement and mentorship.


Ready to run a thriving hospital? You can book a consultation with me today to get started.