A Mindful Leadership

Does mindful leadership lead to great leadership? When one focuses their efforts and time, self-consciousness develops, which helps to center the mind to think more clearly and calmly; thus, focus and positivity, handling stressful situations, and overall balance becomes a part of one’s life. When one is mindful, they are able to be the best they can, and begin to make changes in order to take action to possibly become a leader that people want to follow.

What kind of leaders do people want to follow?

An effective business head is an emotionally-aware leader that is sensitive to different points of view and different backgrounds because they know that a business is ultimately about relationships between people. Boundaries are set, clear communication with listening components are employed, productivity with time consideration, and always striving for improvement are consistencies for setting people up for success.

So just how important is mindful leadership and consciousness in the workplace? Often consciousness is lacking, “the ability to recognize and manage our individual egos” – remember Freud? “People who lack consciousness are just dinosaurs with human intelligence. At the workplace, there is also evidence of dinosaurs roaming around the office.” Therefore human (organizations) must devise strategies to help their members develop and expand their consciousness and mindfulness tools are needed to recognize and manage the influence of their own egos in their own behavior.

People who learn to recognize and manage their egos are the ones that begin to relate to each other, build better discussions and communications, and ultimately become better leaders. Therefore, just like dinosaurs, they will go extinct or must evolve in a conscious organization.

To be a truly great leader, one must have a focused vision – a purpose with clear priorities for the success of the population. Managers should motivate and influence the community by growing new leaders through empowering, encouraging, recognizing, challenging people, and showing a genuine interest in their citizens.

With the changes that life has brought us today, mindfulness and consciousness is even more important qualities for an effective leader to deal with the unique aspect of the work force resulting from COVID19. A good leader will face this new reality while employing sound strategies and striving for the success of all. If you desire additional assistance or better understanding of how to inspire your organization, contact Coach Jason Ballard for a complimentary goal planning session.

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