10 Success Attributes That Require Zero Talent

Have you ever wondered why certain people are successful in life and others seem to struggle? Why is that? You will be surprised to learn that it is not about money, talent, intelligence, or having luck on your side. It is about basic success attributes inherent in all of us. The difference is the most successful people have mastered them. Below outlines the Top-10 attributes of the most successful people in the world. If you are willing to make the necessary changes and embody these principles, you too will be more successful.

  1. Positive Attitude – each day we ALL have a choice. Get up and have a good or a bad attitude. Choose to be happy and maintain a positive outlook on life. Things could always be worse no matter what situation you may be in. For every lemon you come across, there is always someone thirsty needing a drink of lemonade.
  2. Be on Time – everyone has the same 24-hours in a day. What separates successful people from unsuccessful people are how and where they spend their 24-hours. Prioritize your time and show up on time. As stated by former President Ronald Reagan, “If you are not 5-minutes early, you are late.”
  3. Work Ethic – show up every day and give 100%. You have a lot of value people need – Bring It! Always maintain a continuous improvement mindset.
  4. Effort – you get out of life what you put into it. Set a high standard for yourself and don’t settle. Decide to truly be engaged in everything in your life – spouse, children, work, church, hobbies, etc. Live a life of quality, not quantity.
  5. Energy – you control how you show up. Bring positive, enthusiastic, optimistic, and encouraging energy to every situation. It’s infectious.
  6. Body Language – your actions speak louder than words. Smile, relax, be in control, and ensure your tone and gestures match your words. When talking someone, look directly at them, make eye contact, listen intently, ask questions, and make them feel important by reacting to them in a positive manner.
  7. Passion – align yourself with things you truly care about the most and that bring out the best in you. Set aside fears and insecurities and go “All In.”
  8. Being Coachable – no one knows everything. Seek out leaders, mentors, experts, and people you respect. Be curious, learn from them, and allow them to push you out of your comfort zone. Leverage others to help you build your “toolbox” of resources so you can maximize your potential.
  9. Doing Extra – no one gets ahead by doing the basics. There are always opportunities. Find areas where you can add value, do the right thing when no one is looking, brighten someone’s day, and make a difference in the world.
  10. Being Prepared – the difference between proactive and reactive is being prepared. Everyone has the ability to think, learn, and plan. Be smart, do your homework, anticipate questions/reactions, and be ready to execute when the opportunity arises.

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