Resilience – Conquer Anything!

Resilience arrow sign

How would you rate your personal resilience and that of your organization? Here are the Top-5 areas to consider: 1. End in Mind – people should always be focused on the end state. When you define what success is, write it down, have a plan with goals, and execute, you can accomplish anything. 2. Eliminate Distractions –…

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Defeat Stress Today & Live Your Best Life

Stress Free Road Sign

People are more stressed now than ever before. You listen to the news on the TV or radio and it would seem the world is coming to an end. Between elections, political investigations, global pandemics, economic downturns, high unemployment, protests, inequality, and many other things, you can easily get depressed and start losing faith about…

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Executive Presence That Makes a Powerful Impact

Executive Presence Background

An effective executive does not need to be a leader in the sense that the term is now most commonly used. Harry Truman did not have one ounce of charisma, for example, yet he was among the most effective chief executives in U.S. history. Similarly, some of the best business and nonprofit CEOs are not stereotypical leaders.…

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